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Pro Eyeshadow Palette

Simply Nude
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This palette is a perfect balance of sophistication and elegance, with nude, pink and brick tones, it is perfect for the most delicate and imaginative looks.

The Nude shades palette shows us the immense power of nature's colors, from the whimsy of earth, to the boldness of berries, to the delicacy of was created to satisfy both softer and bolder looks!

Inside, 12 extremely pigmented colors, in 3 different textures, from super matte to the brand new metallic and pearly.
Ultra-soft formulation, easy to apply and blend.
HOW TO USE: Prepare your eyelid with the eyeshadow base of your choice. Apply each shade directly to the eyelid with the help of an eyeshadow brush; don't forget...shades can be applied individually or combined with each other!
 PAO 24 M