The line selects the best of the current production of Belé Cosmetics, offering a new style of make up with quality Made in Italy.

EyeShadow $19.00 $32.00
Compact Powder
Compact Powder $24.00 $28.00
Radiant Powder
Radiant Powder $26.00
Liquid Lipstick
Liquid Lipstick $20.00 $26.00
Nude Foundation SPF15
Nude Foundation SPF15 $14.00
Stick Concealer
Stick Concealer $19.00
Compact Blush
Compact Blush $12.00 $22.00
Biphasic Makeup Remover
Biphasic Makeup Remover $19.00
Face Primer
Face Primer $18.00
Bronzing Powder
Bronzing Powder from $12.00 $23.00
Long Lasting Foundation
Long Lasting Foundation Sold Out
Fluid Foundatoin
Fluid Foundatoin $14.00
Eyeshadow Palette 4 Colors
Eyeshadow Palette 4 Colors $59.00
Pro Eyeshadow Palette
Pro Eyeshadow Palette $79.00
Extreme Vegan Mascara
Extreme Vegan Mascara Sold Out
BB Cream
BB Cream
BB Cream $14.00 $24.00
Illumination Powder
Illumination Powder $14.00