How to choose the eyeshadow that highlights the color of your eyes!

Tony Mahfoud | 10 May, 2021

            How to choose the eyeshadow that highlights the color of your eyes!

How to choose the eyeshadow that highlights the color of your eyes!

This is a brief explanation for the choice of eyeshadows based on the color of the eyes.

The examples hereafter will show how to highlight the color of the eyes, but also those of the same shades that do not create contrast. We will not mention neutral tones as they really match all colors.

Let’s start with the basics of the color wheel; the concept is very simple, that is, the opposite segments of colors are those that enhance each other. While those close to each other are in harmony, but do not create contrast.

Color Wheel 


As you can see in the color wheel, the opposition to blue is orange, yellow and red-orange, all warm colors. Obviously, you don't have to use exactly red or orange eyeshadows; but the idea is to choose colors that contain pigments of this type. So, if we want to highlight brown, then we will look for it tending to copper or orange, (certainly not a cold dove-gray). In practice, we can choose from many variations, from peach to eggplant purple, from bronze to warm gold.

Picture 2

Picture 3

Picture 3

Moving on to the second category, that is to those shades that are good, but that do not really enhance our irises, we find the tones of blue, blue-green and cold purple, that is those colors that are next to the clove of blue.



Brown is not present in any segment because it matches any color and does not “compete” with other tones. In this case, we should understand which shades best enhance light brown eyes and which enhance dark brown eyes.


With lighter brown eyes, it is always good to create a little contrast and opt for more pigmented and deeper colors, then purples, blues, grays and greens.

If you have dark brown eyes, you can dare with practically all colors and all palettes, from purple, blue, gray, copper, green, brown, gold etc. …

Picture 5 






Following the principle of the color wheel, one of the best ways to make green eyes stand out is to make them up with shades of purple, as this color is complementary to that of this type of iris. This does not mean, however, that we should limit ourselves only to this nuance, all the colors that contain a hint of red inside them are in fact exceptional.

A soft pink will greatly enhance green eyes with a tendency to blue, as will a lavender color or, for example, even a purple eyeshadow. Those who, on the other hand, have green eyes tending towards hazelnut and, therefore, with a considerable percentage of yellow and brown, can indulge themselves with colors such as magenta, plum or fuchsia.





These are examples so you know about the color that looks best on your eyes.

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